How are Invisalign Attachments Placed?

Invisalign is a great thing that can help you to get your teeth straighter without having to have traditional braces. Invisalign services is a great way to make sure that your teeth are not only cared for, but that they are doing all that they can to take care of your teeth. Invisalign attachments are placed on teeth with the use of UV bond to help keep the attachments put in place.

The teeth are going to be cleaned very well to ensure that the glue and the UV bond is going to hold. The teeth, after they have been cleaned will then be prepped so that the attachments can be placed.

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The UV bond glue is going to be placed on the teeth and the attachment is then going to be placed. The UV light is going to be used to set the glue so that the attachment does not move unless it is removed by the dentist. The bonds are placed where they are needed to help keep the Invisalign in the mouth where it is meant to be. Your dentist is going to be able to help you get your Invisalign where it needs to be to help straighten your teeth.


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