How Do You Take Out Invisalign?

Removable clear aligners are one of the most popular types of orthodontic treatment, and for good reason. Unlike metal braces or clear braces, removable clear aligners are just that: removable. This can make it easy for those receiving orthdontics to brush their teeth thoroughly and enjoy their favorite foods while also getting the treatment they need. But how exactly do you remove your clear aligners?

Many dental patients will reach back into their mouth and pop the aligners off with the edge of their fingernail. However, if your nails are too short, brittle, or long to remove the aligner with your finger, it can be difficult to get the aligners off.

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There are a couple of tools that have come into the market to help remove aligners. The most popular tools are pull tools, which serve as kind of “keys” to reach back and safely pull the aligner. If you’re wearing rubberbands, you can also use the hook of these tools to remove the elastics.

Begin at the inside of the arch and take your opposite finger to the inside to dislodge the aligner. Do the same thing on the other side and pull down. You can also peel the aligner outward in the front. You have to pull it out a little and then down.


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