Understanding the Teeth Cleaning Process at the Dentist

The goal of a teeth cleaning is to remove plaque and tartar while doing exams to check for oral cancer. The process is relatively simple, but those in need of a deep cleaning may take a bit longer. Here are the steps used by most dentist offices.

An ultrasound scaler is used to release pulses and vibrations to effectively remove debris from the tooth surfaces.

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Water is used throughout the process to rinse the plaque and tartar from the mouth. Next, your dental associate will do a hand scaling of the teeth’s surfaces with a handheld sharp tool or a Cure device that’s not as sharp as hand scalers. The anterior and anterior surfaces will be cleaned.

A polisher is used with a baking soda paste to gently buff the teeth and slightly whiten them. There is also an option to have air polishing performed, which uses a flavor of choice instead of baking soda. Rinsing of the mouth occurs throughout the process. The teeth are then flossed to check for any roughness between the teeth and remove debris that may have remained.

To complete the dental cleaning process, your hygienist will check for any bumps or lumps around the sides and bottom of the tongue and cheeks. This is a checkup for signs of oral cancer. Before leaving, you’ll undergo an exam and consultation with the dentist.

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