How Does Invisalign Work?

With Invisalign aligners, there are a few things to know before trying them out. They work a little differently than braces, but overall the outcome will be the same. Here are a few facts about how Invisalign works to help you prepare for using it.

If your teeth need to be moved more than just a small distance, your orthodontist will likely put teeth-colored attachments on the teeth that need to be moved. When the Invisalign aligners come, they will have little sockets for the attachments to grab onto and fit against.

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This is in order to move the teeth properly. These attachments are replacements for the brackets that hold onto the wire on braces.

Invisalign also will not work with severe orthodontic issues. If your situation is severe enough that clear braces are not an option, Invisalign will not be one either. Metal braces are stronger and more durable, while Invisalign is plastic and breakable if too much strain is placed on them. Invisalign may be the most appealing option for your appearance, but it is not the best option for some people due to the nature of the teeth alignment process.

When trying a new type of orthodontic alignment, check with your orthodontist before deciding which route is right for you.


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