Should You Get Clear Braces or Metal Braces?

When faced with teeth realignment, it is sometimes difficult to figure out which method to go with. Almost everyone loves Invisalign, but for some people, it is uncomfortable or simply not an option. Braces are a reliable method for teeth realignment. But which version should you go with?

Clear braces are becoming more popular in recent years due to their harder-to-see nature. But what are they? They have the same structure as metal braces: brackets holding a wire that wraps around the teeth.

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But instead of metal, they are made of tooth-colored plastic or porcelain. Clear braces may be built with the same structure as regular braces, but they are less durable. This means that in severe orthodontic cases, they will not be a viable option for realignment. This is where metal braces come in.

Metal braces are the most durable of all the teeth realignment options. They work at the same speed as the other options, but they are the least likely to break or stop working. This ensures the quality of the readjustment is at its best possible. Choosing another option may lead to a realignment that is not to the customer’s standards. Metal braces are ensured to work no matter the severity of the orthodontic issue, while the others are more of a possibility.

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